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Personal Injury Damage Calculations
These cases include a wide range of personal injury matters, involving claims for the loss of past and future earning capacity; the loss of household services; the cost of future medical and related care needs; and/or the “life care needs” of an injured plaintiff. Cases involving multi-plaintiff claims, multi-option life care plans, and differential life expectancy assumptions. By using various industry databases to calculate historical earnings growth and inflation rates, specific projections are made for each individual element of a claim. After applying an interest or discount rate based upon a long-term U.S. Treasury Bond Portfolio a present value analysis of each claim is accomplished. This analysis is provided in the form of a year-by-year cumulative annual summary of all future and present value equivalents.

Wrongful Death Damage Calculations
This analysis includes the present value assessment of the loss of earnings; the loss of monetary or financial support to the survivors; the loss of the decedent’s services to survivors; and if identified statutorily, the loss of inheritance or the loss of net accumulations to the estate of the decedent.

Employment Dispute Matters
The economic analysis of a potential loss stemming from these claims can quickly become complex. Wages, salaries, performance-based bonuses, fringe benefits, non-compete agreements, out-of-pocket expenses, defined-benefit and defined-contribution pensions, and mitigation all may factor in to the present value analysis.

Punitive Damages
This process involves the review of the Defendant’s pertinent financial information, relying on all public disclosures and/or privately prepared reports. The focus of this analysis is on the relationship between gross revenues, operating profit (both pre and post-tax) and the retention of earnings as reflected in the balance sheet of the entity in question. Our punitive damage services are provided on a coordinated consulting basis including an appearance at trial for the provision of any necessary expert testimony.